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 Author: Gayla Partridge  Category: HomeKeeping  Publisher: Blue Star Press  Published: 05 Feb, 2019  ISBN: 1944515747 See On Amazon

Step inside the enchanted world of arcane imagery and rich esoteric symbolism in this deeply imaginative embroidery art book!

Author Gayla Partridge draws upon her knowledge of vintage anatomical artwork, floral design, palmistry, Ouija, and oddities from the natural world to create magical, witchy twists on an age-old craft. Through extraordinary, stylized photography and detailed close-ups of designs, the embroidery art in Stitchcraft is entirely achievable with basic stitches and easy-to-follow instructions, enchanting beginners and expert crafters alike.

• 30 intricate embroidery designs, using a combination of nine basic stitches
• Insights from the author on how she created each piece
• 30 basic patterns to get you started embroidering your own version of her designs

From the anatomy of a snake to floral skulls, from palmistry hands to botanical hearts, readers will be inspired to recreate Partridge’s spellbinding designs and to make them their own.