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Tea Is So Intoxicating
 Author: Ursula Bloom  Category: Domestic Fiction  Publisher: Timeless Classics  Published: 22 Oct, 2020 See On Amazon

“I shall turn this into a tea-house, with lunches if requested, and shall serve pleasant meals in the orchard,” announced David, “and with my penchant for cooking I ought to make a fortune.”

“O dear!” said Germayne.

The prospect of a new tea garden opening in the village causes great consternation. With rumour rife that David and Germayne are not ‘properly married’, the lady of the manor makes it her mission to shut the enterprise down.

With Germayne at her wits’ end, the situation is further complicated by the arrival, first of Mimi the cake cook, and then her daughter Ducks followed by her first husband Digby.