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The Homemaker
 Author: Dorothy Canfield Fisher  Category: Domestic Fiction  Publisher: Persephone Books  Published: 18 Feb, 2015 See On Amazon

The Home-Maker (1924) describes Evangeline, an obsessively house-proud mother and home-maker (a word that is in everyday use in America but not in Britain) who without realizing it, is frustrated and bored – yet she thinks she is a good and devoted mother.

Lester, her husband, is also unhappy, at home and at work. It is only when he falls off a roof that his family’s life changes; he is wheelchair-bound at home and his wife goes to work in a department store (the setting is small town New England).

The children gradually blossom; all sorts of practical ruses are devised (like covering the kitchen floor with newspaper when Evangeline leaves each morning); and a Montessori Father is born.