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Young Mrs Savage
 Author: D.E. Stevenson  Category: Dean Street Press  Publisher: Dean Street Press  Published: 03 Jan, 2022 See On Amazon

Sometimes she wished she could stick up a large notice saying: “FOUR CHILDREN ARE NOT TOO MANY” . . .

Raising four young children on her own in the years of postwar rationing, widowed Dinah tends to be the subject of sympathetic murmurs. But though she has little money, is perpetually tired, and remains haunted by unresolved issues from her troubled marriage, Dinah rejects all offers of pity. When her twin brother Dan returns from the military, he sends her and the children on holiday among the scenes of their childhood, staying with their unflappable Nannie at Craigie Lodge, their old family home, in a beautiful coastal town in Scotland. There, amidst happy memories, old friends, and new acquaintances, Dinah and her brood weather delightful adventures, awkward misunderstandings, and, perhaps, the tentative beginnings of new romance.

First published in 1949, Young Mrs. Savage is a charming holiday story, a perceptive tale of overcoming past unhappiness to make a fresh start, and one of D.E. Stevenson’s most irresistible novels. This new edition includes an autobiographical sketch by the author.

“Miss Stevenson has her own individual and charming way of seeing things.” Western Mail