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  1. So true. Having people over is the best motivator to Get Things Done, whether that be a quick tidy with the vacuum, clearing the week-old pile of mail from the table, or finally prettying up the guest room.

  2. If I feel lonely I just leave the house and all knock on my door. Want to be alone I clean from top to bottom. Works like a charm everytime…

  3. Tearing bananas apart makes them ripen faster, not slower. Newspaper puts black streaks on the window that are very difficult to remove. The smell of vinegar is disgusting, and never goes away, no matter what “they” say. After a day or two, the essential oil in the vacuum doesn’t smell so swell anymore. Try half a dryer sheet instead.
    I do use a pillowcases to keep each sheet set together. It was the only tip in one whole book that I found useful.
    I used your tip about putting cloves into an armoire. For some reason, mine has smelled a bit fishy since I bought it. I placed a cup containing about a two tablespoons of cloves on one of the shelves, and the armoire smells fresh now.
    If you let latex paint dry in the tray, you can easily peel the paint off. I’m a born peeler, so I love this one.

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