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  1. I love VOGUE as well! Tony always moans at my mag addiction, but they are such a sublime and seductive fix. In order of preferance for me it is,
    The creme de la creme:
    1. Vogue-pure sybaritic pleasure
    2. Vanity Fair-the photography! Also the intense journalism. Obscure billionaires mudered in their Cape Cod mansions by their wife and her lover-the chauffeur. Could be pulp fiction in other mags, but in VF it is serious journalism!
    3.ELLE-the Linda Evangelista of mags-still got it!
    4. Sunday supplements-Sunday Times Culture and Style. Sunday Mail-You magazine (apart from Liz Jones column. That moribund woman has become a parody of herself. She really needs to read the BH chronicles to learn how to hold her head high and maintain her integrity)
    Ones for the shredder:
    1. Marie-Claire-Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz….
    2. Grazia-not even as good as a weekend supplement!
    3. Glamour&In-style-Dullsville
    Ones I pretend to mock, but always make a bee-line for at the doctor/dentist waiting room:
    1. Take a break, Thats life etc.-the Jerry Springer of mags. Shouldn't read them, but feel overwhemingly compelled to. Car crash reading. Bring it on.

  2. I came apon your blog when your first shared that your were having very hard times in your life and it so happens that I am also having a very difficult time. Reading your blog and seeing that life can still be handled with dignity, grace and humor is inspiring and I am grateful. Thank you so much for sharing all that you do. Your blog is absolutely beautiful!

  3. I LOVE the Princess & the Pea bed! Hmmm… could this work in my house… no, sadly I think it would confuse the cat too much (oops, I'm not supposed to admit he sleeps on the bed, haha). I'm glad to see your clear eye for beautiful things is undiminished.

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