Brocante Adoxography

By Alison July 15, 2014 1 Comment 2 Min Read

Welcome to the second in my series of adoxographies: a word I have commandeered to describe the gathering of some quotes and thoughts, beautifully expressed on Pinterest and collected here for my own sake, simply so that they are not lost in the scrum of boards relentlessly filled and I can use someone else’s words to express my own thoughts.
 All images credited on my Pinterest Words board.
We don’t dance enough do we? Imagine opening the back door right now and shimmying your way into the garden. Bending into that gentle breeze. Throwing your head back to look at the sun. Imagine how good it would feel to just let go of all the tension and shake it off! Spinning and twirling because there is no-one watching. Don’t imagine it. Do it! Do it now. Hold your own garden festival! Make it a Summer ritual.
Oh imagine that! Throwing the towel in on perfection. Deciding that our own good enough will do and that instead we can begin the work of living a boundary free life in our own image of how we want to live…
Why is it so hard to be gentle with ourselves? It shouldn’t be. It should be instinctive, so we desperately need to learn how to silence that criticising voice and just let ourselves be for a while, if only so that we can dwell in sadness and find our own way out of it.
Oh my. Never was there a truer word spoken. Only a real book can let us write our own story between the lines of the one it was printed to tell.
You know it’s true. So will tonight be the night you set your alarm an hour earlier than usual and choose to start tomorrow with your very own version of the Miracle Morning?
Feel the fear and do it anyway…
Too true…
Oh so very true. Ask Ouissi. ~In real life I am noisy, and I laugh too much. Occasionally I eat almond biscuits for breakfast.  Now you know – do with it what you will.
Till next time Housekeepers.x 

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  1. Ouissi says:

    You mean almond biscuits for breakfast are wrong?!?!!
    I’m not sure there is such a thing as laughing too much though and that’s one of the reason I love you…cos we laugh and talk a lot (and embarrass our children, and drink gin) when we are together! Xx

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