Brocante amazon Picks - October 2023

Brocante Amazon Picks – October 2023

By Alison October 5, 2023 No Comments 7 Min Read

So here I am, doing your shopping, so you don’t have to! Otherwise known as me sharing my own wish-lists and explaining why I have decided that life would be better were I to have them in my possession…

You can see my list all in one place in my Amazon Storefront here, or you can hum along with me as I explain myself…

  1. First on my can’t live without ’em list: Spiral Swabs – because I’m Alison and I like poking things. I’m sorry.
  2. Next up: This rather gorgeous vitamin organiser: because I had a lovely one and somehow I managed to lose it (HOW??) and now I want another one and the plastic ones in the pound shop just won’t satisfy my horribly fussy aesthetic.
  3. Now: A pair of Tibetan Wool slipper socks if you please: because it is slipper sock season and I like things with snazzy patterns and slipper socks are not to be confused with sleep socks because the latter don’t have the kind of non-slip soul designed to prevent you skidding down the stairs and killing yourself dead.
  4. Next: A long, lovely cardigan: because I am woman who gets in a fluster if she tries to go shopping in a heavy coat. So a long cardigan (accessorised with a glitzy brooch) is my go to for wandering shops and supermarkets in October.
  5. Then: Marie Badescu Facial Spray: because I’m rather addicted to plumping up my skin with many a spritz of something refining before serums and retinol and this fits the bill nicely.
  6. Next on my list: This Yogasleep White Noise Machine: because a person cannot carry on using the fan to lull her to sleep when she has dug out the flannel sheets, now can a person?
  7. Now this Glass Cup and Spoon: because it would be just the thing for my morning Greek Yoghurt and smoothie bowls.
  8. Then this Digital Alarm Clock: because when I wake up in the middle of the night I am time-curious and I so very much want to resist picking up my phone, as it instantly kicks me in to attend to notifications mode and that’s not healthy in anyone’s book.
  9. Next up: This loungewear set: because I want to be the kind of woman who wears loungewear instead of an eccentric combination of kimonos and slipper socks.
  10. A gloriously slouchy jumper: because it is gloriously slouchy jumper weather of course!
  11. Now this Rosemary and Peppermint Hair Oil : because my hairline has been ravaged (ravaged I tell you!) by years of mad buns and it is thought that strengthening the roots with rosemary may just be the answer.
  12. And finally, this set of Silicone Lids: because there are things in this life we do not know we need until we happen across them and so it is with this pretty set of oh so useful spare lids.

Happy shopping Housekeeper’s

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