Brocante Boutique

By Alison March 12, 2007 1 Comment 1 Min Read


Oh I know. You all think I’ve been doing something utterly scrumptious and neglecting you on purpose, but my Darlings that would be only half the truth…

I have been navigating all manner of minor crises (More on which later!) and spending the rest of my time re-inventing the Brocante Boutique to bring to your attention the teeny tiniest of puttery treats to brighten up any given dull day, a whole lotta treasures for your comfort drawer and the most scrumptious of gifts to bestow on your favorite housekeepers…

Go have a browse, while I tackle an unimaginable mountain of ironing, and later I will tell you the one about the car stuck in the mud, the one about the little boy stuck in the house, and indeed, the one about the chicken fat…

P.S:  I’m having technical problems here on Typepad today, so if things look a little batty in the sidebars please bear with me….

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  1. Danielle says:

    Wow you have been busy! I've not visited for a while and you've done loads. I want to be in America so I can use the Boutique!

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