Brocante Mercantile

By alison March 22, 2023 3 Min Read

You know how when I go quiet it is usually because I am up to something? Yup, apart from turning fifty-one yesterday, I have indeed been up to something! And this time it wasn’t, no good

You probably know that last year I moved all my Printables into Etsy and sales have been steady, but profits have been horrible and the amount of money I have needed to pay simply to keep selling there in terms of fees and commissions has become something of a burden. This combined with the fact that when I was talking to a friend last week, someone who has been reading Brocante for years, I was astonished to hear that she didn’t know the extent of all that I have created here at BrocanteHome over the past eighteen years, and if she didn’t know then it is likely that most of you don’t know either!

So today I bring you the beginning of what is to become the shopfront of my business – Brocante Mercantile – not so much the rebranding of BrocanteHome as signposts to all that I offer here: the membership, courses, printables, journals, books, curated lists and more – so that I can delight you with all that I create as well as regale you with the muddled goings on in my head!

Today, you can pop over here to view the store, but within a few days simply searching for BrocanteHome as usual will bring you straight inside it as I combine the blog and calendar with the shop to offer one unified space to explore all things Brocante.

This doesn’t mean that my relationship with Etsy is over – my shop will stay available for those who prefer to shop my Printables there ás it is a lovely place to host a business and I am deeply grateful for all the opportunities the platforms over in a period when times are hard for all concerned, but if BrocanteHome is too thrive in the future I need to focus on reducing overheads and increasing profits so that I can keep producing the content we all love at a time when my personal circumstances are rather on the wrong side of grim now I living alone.

Thus then begins a new chapter – a Renaissance of sorts for the site too, as I have worked diligently through the las few months to banish the clutter and provide a calmer experience for you at BrocanteHome and I truly hope we will all continue to reap the benefits in years to come.

I will share more as my plans come to fruition, but in the meantime you will find the new store here and should look our for my return to Instagram after a long time away very soon!

Love you all so very much and honestly appreciate all the support you have given me over the years.

Love Alison.x

Oooh and P.S: Library Membership is back, so you can join today! Get your ticket here.