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  1. Are you listening to the item on Woman's Hour about 'Mummy blogs?'
    And, do we all forget to think about where and how Cath Kidston goodies are made? I always sniff at Matalan stuff, refusing to buy it as I can't see how whoever has made it could possibly be paid a reasonable wage (never mind the sheer hell of being in the shop & the transluscent, wafer thin material) but I was shocked to realise that CK goods are not all handmade in the UK! I seem to have an inbuilt 'moral mute' setting that comes on when companies like CK are involved. I can't even find where the things are made on the website. My desire to have the things overcomes me and yes I am ashamed of myself….when I remember. I do the same with M&S goods too when in actual fact long gone are the days when our pants were made in the UK.

  2. I know, I know, I know Steph…. and yep greed gets the better of me too. Cath Kidston is frequently beratd for taking production outside the UK but I'm really not sure what the answer is and frequently wish I had the strength of mind to resist making such purchases but sadly simply don't. Seems I leave my morals at home whenever I go shopping…

  3. I guess we just do the best we can and all the stuff we pick up from the chazzer shops and all the homemade goodies we make and the staycations/camping, picking flowers from our own gardens, growing stuff, recycling, upcycling, using ecofriendly stuff, fairtrade choccy,cocoa & bananas means that we do try….

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