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Today Nonnie asked me where the post on "The Prettiest Fridge In The World" was, and so I stumbled into the  Brocante archives to search for it. And search. And search. And search some more. But it had disappeared into blogpost heaven and I was no help at all to one of my favorite Housekeepers desperate to decorate her fridge…

And so I have installed a search box. Search the web, or search BrocanteHome. I am irrationally proud of the whole matter.
So Darling Nonnie, type in  "fridge" choose  "search this site" and lo and behold you will find  every word I have ever written about  refridgeration including the elusive "pretty" post…

And do find time to type in the word "scrumptious" and see just how
many times I have (over) used this delicious little word in the course of my
blogging career…

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  1. Thanks for the Search button! I DID look up "scrumptious"…lol..and have been browsing for the past hour finding new ideas and having lots of fun! Thanks for a wonderful site.

  2. I did indeed look up "fridge." Yup, I liked it very much! I am putting it in my little "note book," to refer to in the near future. Had never thought of a refrigerator in quite that way! I do clean my frig about once a week, to prepare for groceries. But, I do say, that article somehow made the whole thing more lovely in some way! Your enthusiasm for those everyday little things in life…is, I will call… scrumptious.

  3. Alison, this is great! I got so "lost"at Brocante the other day looking for the recipe to deal with stinky old books (not that it bothered me). Now, however, I can detox the books sooner than anticipated! hee hee

  4. This is genius! What a brilliant little feature, no more trawling though to find the teeny tiny section needed. Thank you!

  5. Oh Alison this is fantastic! Thank you so much for not only providing me with the post I was looking for but for the search button. It's the most brilliant idea. Of course I'm now going to spend way to much time searching when I should be working…. but what the heck, it's Friday, a girl can't be expected to work too hard on a Friday! I'm looking forward to brocanting my fridge this weekend. Have a lovely weekend yourself. x

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