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  1. Oh Alison, what beautiful, beautiful shoes, and so very very Brocante! I declare that you must have them and could not possibly get married without them! We bought the ring before the official proposal…we picked it out together, collected it, then went off and got engaged on Tower Bridge! We didn't tell our families before we picked out the ring, so they were under the impression we had driven all the way to Lakeside to buy the solitary bathbomb that I came home with! If there is anything I can do weddingwise, you know where to find me! You are welcome to borrow the wedding bunting I had, I will crochet you as many flowers as you could ever want, or whatever else your heart desires!

    1. Oh Mimi you are so wonderful… you know I'm going to hold you to that bunting and those crochet flowers don't you??x

  2. Scrummy! I came across Irregular Choice a few years ago and have been pining for a pair ever since. Although I would never be able to walk in those heels, so haven't actually splashed my cash on the pretties =[ On the other hand, I am sure you would positively glide in polka dot heels and therefore you must buy! It would be a crime not too! x

  3. Those shoes have your name written all over them…they must've had you in mind when they were made. 🙂
    You sound good…so happy for your joy!

  4. Wow, I had no idea such a razzle-dazzle footwear store existed. I'm rather fond of the "Poetic licence backlash" pair myself!
    And can I share a secret? My husband and I started planning our wedding before he proposed and before I had a ring. He was very picky about the ring and refused to propose before he had it. So I didn't get my ring and proposal until after the invitations had already been sent out – if you can believe it! I will admit it made me a little nervous. But we've been married almost 10 years now, so I guess he had no intentions of being a runaway groom.

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