Cake Competition

By Alison September 6, 2008 2 Min Read


At the risk of striking you as Cath Kidston‘s number one groupie I want to tell you that in a rather lovely ode to cake stalls at old fashioned English fetes everywhere, Cath is running a cake competition in celebration of her fifteenth year in business… Bake something beautiful, photograph it and send it by email to have a chance of winning a specially commissioned Cowboy Radio…
(If I hadn’t devoured half of it already I would have entered the absolutely scrumptious home-made strawberry cream sponge my Mum delivered to my door at five thirty this evening, but alas it was consumed on a gilt edged plate and declared a worthy winner just a little too late to be considered for the prize- though I am truly hoping that this unlikely turn of events means that my Mum is in the process of re-inventing herself into an cabbage rose trimmed domestic goddess…)

Oh! And in other news Ms Kidston and her lovely new house are profiled in this months Vogue. Somebody agree that her little blue velvet sofa isn’t divinely covetable and that this quote from the interview doesn’t resonate with us all…
“I swore I was going to have a minimalist house. The day we moved in, I went to buy a pint of milk, and came back with an antique quilt.”
Cath Kidston Ltd.

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