Caring For Your Mental Health.

By Alison February 15, 2006 13 Comments 1 Min Read


HouseKeepers I feel I must draw your attention to the fact that the person who wrote this, was a


He has been in contact again, to let me know that "BrocanteHome is an abysmal  effort to fill womens head with cotton wool" and that he remains concerned about your mental health.

Now what are we to do about this? See a doctor? Tell him to get a life? (I would if he didn’t go to the cowardly effort of arranging and then cancelling new email accounts specifically for the purpose of saving you from the pyschiatric ward…)

Who knows? Who cares? I’m off to sprinkle rosebuds into my toilet bowl and  Housekeepers,  I insist you do the same.

Meet you in the mental hospital? 


  1. Mimi says:

    See you there! I do hope this hospital is going to have some nice pillow spray so when we have to lay down with dampened cloths on our forheads, we can do so with the scent of lavendar wafting about us!

  2. happyapple says:

    Go find a new cause pal; there is nothing worse than a hater. We thrive on positivity here, thank you!

  3. Susana says:

    Is it a Man, or a woman who thinks she's a man? 😉

  4. Kristy says:

    He must be jealous then that he didn't marry a Vintage Housekeeper himself!

  5. Meredith says:

    Obviously a psycho crazy man. Probably in prison w/ some internet time now and again. Bored out of his skull. Who else is he tormenting? Got knows. Wish you could block his email.
    Of course you know he's loving this attention. How sad.
    Off I go to bake banana bread and scrub the fridge…oh no, I'm out of my head!!

  6. Suzie says:

    Why on earth would a man be looking at housekeeping sites on the internet?
    I wonder if he has a wife – if so he probably makes her go out to work 60 hours a week so he can drive around in a mercedes or something.
    Well pooh to him, I'm going to sooth myself by making some laundry powder now! After that, I will check myself in to the mental ward too!!!!

  7. Janeygirl says:

    What a funny chappie! And not enough guts to stand up for his point of view like a man. Sure am glad he is not my hubbie!!

  8. Leanne says:

    Of course, if he had any brains at all, he would stop his nonsense. No matter how many times he opens or closes email accounts, his IP address is still there for all to see. Wouldn't be hard to track the darling down, now, would it? Because hell hath no fury like a woman who knows how to use a rolling pin scorned!!!!!! Chin up, sweetie, he's not worth the oxygen!

  9. Kerry says:

    save. your. breath. It's a nut.
    Love to you Alison.

  10. ms*robyn says:

    ooh I can't wait to check into the vintage housekeepers mental institution. all that lovely yummy comfort food, with lavender wafting around – spending time locked away with kindred spirits.
    I think who ever this is, should come out of the closet… show their face and be a MAN – or is he scared that deep down he really is a vintage housekeeper? doesn't say anywhere you have to be a woman,does it?

  11. julie says:

    Whatever the reasons, and however irrational…it all comes down to this person's jealousy. They're obviously very insecure about their station in life, and lashing out at all things they deem detrimental. Pathetic logic, really and simple cowardice on the methods.

  12. Shannon says:

    Ooooh, I can't wait to be checked in! Do you think Cath Kidston makes lovely, rose-covered straight jackets?

  13. Petah Hatcher says:

    Hi Alison, Had to laugh of the idea of the Cath Kidston floral straight jackets! It is sad, but this man has obviously nothing better to do than have a good old sticky beak at your site. If it bothers him so much why does he look? If I find something distubring I don't look. I think he is really a closet housekeeper and wears a frilly apron. Oh, to have so much time on my hands! Petah

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