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  1. “I do so hate to feel obliged.”
    You know, that just might be the most brilliant thing I have ever read. And it captures my approach to life *perfectly*.

  2. It must have been in the air yesterday. I too spent the day playing “catch up.” I vacuumed the dusties from places I hadn’t even noticed and even the dog got a bath. Dog washing is certainly a chore I can do without but must be done! Yes, some days are like that my dear and unknowingly I shared it with you. Smiles.

  3. Yep, I believe that’s the key. Any amount of “have-ta” and it usually gets the “don’t-wanna”. Which is why you have a comment from me and the sink is heaping full. =) Blessings… Polly

  4. Honey, I have admired your writing for so long, that I can’t immagine you wanting to improve. Please do contimue writing about your life I so enjoy that. Trueth is so much better than fiction. And I read somewhere that a person does better to write about what they know. Wa La your life. God Bless, Patty

  5. *nods in total agreement with last statement* Funny that a word like “must” or “have to” can had so much dread attached to it. I think I’d rather read a book…

  6. I really hope you do go get that Master’s in Writing! Your blog is always one of my favorites, and you are SUCH a talented writer. I want to read books that you write.

  7. Aherm – ‘matching underwear in ziplock bags’ ????!!!??? Is that for forensics???? My head hurts and I don’t understand…..!!!
    As ever, you make me smile. So glad we may have more now you’re back on the old broadband. x

  8. There definitely is something to that obligation thing. Whenever my husband wants to start a project that involves my assistance, I am rarely interested–but when it’s my idea (usually unplanned), that’s another story entirely!

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