Cath, Darling Cath.

By Alison October 5, 2006 1 Comment 1 Min Read


Have you seen Cath Kidston‘s new line of scrumptiously old fashioned "Toiletries" (Love that word- its so deliciously vintage all by itself isn’t it??)…

Lets face it, the woman can do no wrong. Wonder what she’s like?  Please let her be as ditsy and as daft as I am. Please let her wonderful company be a delightfully happy accident.

Please let me be Cath Kidston when I grow up…

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  1. June says:

    Alison, you don't need to be Cath Kidston, you're wonderful just being you. I think Cath is great and all that but if I had to choose one of you to be my friend, it would be you without any hestitation whatsoever. You share the most amazing things with us: your life, Finley's little world, ways to care and love our homes (which has regenerated a whole new way to look at home and live a scrumptious life), and your wonderful way of being honest about how you feel and what you want to do. You absolutely do not need to be Cath Kidston–you are extremely special just being you.
    I read the same "abundance" books that you do and I always think of you when I read from them. Thank you for everything and especially thank you for just being yourself.

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