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By Alison November 30, 2009 1 Comment 3 Min Read

In my on-going mission to make your life as lovely as possible, today might I suggest you hop on over to Google Chrome and make the terribly sensible decision to learn how to uninstall Internet Explorer and embrace the speedy floral sprinkled joy that is Chrome?

Here at BrocanteHome more than 46% of you use Internet Explorer to browse the web and while that’s all well and good, it does mean you are missing out on the joy to be found should you be brave enough to step into a whole new world and explore the possibilities to be found in FireFox, Flock, or my new favorite, Chrome.

While I don’t want to blind you with science, being something of a browser whore, I am familiar with all of the browsers above and have in my time, dallied with them all.
Firefox is abundant with add-on’s that make life as a casual browser or a serious user infinitely easier: in fact I would go so far as to say that there are Firefox add-ons I could barely live without. Which is why Flock is such a joy: because having been built on the Firefox framework, most of the add-ons are compatible and having been designed with social networking in mind, there are all manner of other in-built features that make managing, Flickr, Facebook and the like an absolute breeze…

So why am I waxing so?ecstatically?lyrically about Chrome? Well let me tell you my darlings: apart from the fact that it is the fastest browser I have ever used (pages download in seconds), the add-ons it currently has (more coming soon) blend seamlessly, and images you download open for editing in your Windows Picture Gallery (oh joy!), ?Chrome has the most scrumptious collection of Browser themes I have ever seen from all the artists we Vintage Housekeepers love to love…

Michal Negrin

Royal Delft

Rebecca Taylor

and Emma Bridgewater. To name but a few…

So what do you think? Wouldn’t it be utterly scrumptious to have a browser that reflected your personal aesthetic? You could after all, run Chrome alongside the main computer browser, and make it all your own: totally personalised with all your favorite bookmarks, the really rather fabulous Twitter and Facebook add-ons, and a new tab page pre-loaded with all your favorite places to visit on the internet…

What are you waiting for? Life just got ?teeny bit lovelier…

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  1. krisha says:

    Hi.. Your gallery/themes in google chrome is soo nice! I hope you'll make a theme that is polkadots or hello kitty. With a color: Pink, Violet, Red Or Black.. Thaankss! More power..

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