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  1. Oh, I agree. You will, all three, evolve a new kind of home together, one where you can all be enveloped in warmth, love and refuge from the world outside. It has long been so for you and Finley, and now you are opening those doors to someone very special who sounds like he is in need of that special place in your hearts and lives you are making for him, for you all. I wish you all the happiness in the world and as smooth a transition as is humanly possible. Lots of love – be brave! xxx

  2. Gosh, scary and exciting all in one. Good luck and be happy. You all deserve it. Does "being made redundant" mean being laid-off from your job? Just wondering…

  3. I can definitely understand the anxiety of change. It can be a scary time. But I know that you can make it through to the better stuff on the other side. I'm proud of you for opening yourself and your life and your home up to love once again. We're all here to cheer you on, dear girl. Bravo!

  4. Change is hard, but congratulations on a life of transformation because that is a life truly lived. Hugs, luck, and lots of best wishes. You deserve to be happy and don't you forget it!

  5. If I may offer a piece of advice, especially to Richard: My husband recently took an early retirement and does some consulting work from home. (Not the same as redundant, I know, but the home situation may be similar.) The best piece of advice given to my husband was not to upset the woman's schedule.

    1. Carol you have hit the nail exactly on the head… this is one of my biggest fears: I do what I do and some days it's kind of an unconventional way of working and I don't want anybody, even someone I love very much, interfering with my much treasured working rituals…
      Thank you so much for clarifying that it's ok to think this way.x

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