Charm and Grace

By Alison February 27, 2012 1 Comment 0 Min Read

It is not often I feel inspired to build an entire post around an image. But this one, by D’alton Valentine for the Saturday Evening Post caught my eye today. A housewife, complete with cute headscarf, apron and feather  duster, sitting in the midst of a pile of books and dwelling on matters of charm and grace? She is US, Darlings, everyone of US:  a Brocanteer if ever there was one
Happy Monday Sweethearts. Half-term is over on Thursday and normal service will be resumed thereafter.
Have a lovely week won’t you?

1 Comment

  1. pioneercynthia says:

    You're right. This is a perfect picture of ME! I'm smiling.
    My recent post Getting Settled

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