Agreed. It does indeed look as if I am living in a picture postcard, and I do believe the lane has never looked more beautiful. But dear, oh deah, oh dear the whole snowy caboodle is giving me the heeby-jeebies and with school closed for another day I have no choice but to live through another day of white cabin fever, grinning manically as a babba with another unexpected day of school, fashions baby snowmen on my front path and the men in my life treat the perils of ice and snow with careless disregard and insist on carrying on with business as usual, so I find myself checking on their whereabouts every half hour, having palpitations if they don’t answer the phone and proving myself to be my Daddy’s very own stalker.
I am trying to be calm and sounding loony. Feel free to laugh out loud at my histrionics.
This too will pass. This too will surely pass.

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