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  1. It looks wonderful! And Finn must have loved discovering it this morning.
    My husband hijacks my Christmas plans too. I left to do shopping the other day and returned to find hideous BLUE icicle lights hanging from our garage. We also have a pre-lit (white lights, very nice) tree and he stayed up late after setting it up to add colored lights to it.
    Oh well. Our house could make the color-blind see again.
    Enjoy the Christmas-ness!!

  2. oh Alison, I have an empty looking tree this year! but it is ours & we love it. and yours is yours ( and Marks & Finleys) that is all that matters. I don't have twitchy lights either… and this year I only put one set on the tree. Less is more this year and hopefully next year and the year after that. I like it. Hopefully in a few years we will all be able to sit back and enjoy Christmas how it should be enjoyed.
    maybe it is time to let go of control ? I WAS one too, sometimes it still pops up but I am doing my darndest to let go.

  3. Lovely, Alison! How beautiful!
    I have white lights on my tree… period. My mother saw a peaceful, beautiful tree with nothing but white lights and a large white feathered owl. I sent her straight back to buy that owl, but alas! some other minimalist dreamer had purchased that life saver…. so I would have missed the ornaments from forever anyway… Have fun!

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