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  1. Oh no. Oh no. That sounds awful. And I can only imagine having to try to clean everything. I admit I laughed, but mainly because I can totally see myself doing something similar. I’ve had such brain fog, for who knows what reason, and am constantly aware that there is something I have forgotten at every moment. I did put the milk in the cabinet and the sugar in the fridge after making my morning tea, but thankfully my young son was fixing his right after me and caught it.

  2. Oh, dear! I foresee this becoming a cherished part of your family’s lore in years to come but right now? Not so cherished, I’m sure. I do need to ask, though. Is it really possible to buy already made stuffing in England? I’ve never seen such a thing here in the States. I love the made-from-scratch sort but my adult son has an unreasonable love of the boxed Stove Top Stuffing. Fortunately that sort doesn’t spoil. 😉

  3. And this will be one of those treasured memories you laugh about later. I haven’t had any food related catastrophies this year, but I did try to pay for my Christmas purchases with my library card the other day. When the teen aged clerk questioned me, I just looked at him and said “Knowledge is power.” I’m sure he thought I was crazy and maybe I am. I just want a normal holiday. It seems like so long since I have had one. Merry, Merry to all!

  4. Non-gourmet stuffing:

    This is stuffing that you mix with your hands in a dishpan. I think it must be Irish, because my Mum always made it and because it’s made with potatoes.

    Mix cold mashed potatoes with fresh white bread that has been torn into small pieces. Stir one or two eggs and add to make everything bind.
    Add some melted butter.
    Finely chop and apple, an onion, a stalk of celery. Sprinkle on some salt, pepper, sage, savoury, and a dash of garlic powder.
    Squash everything with your hands until very well combined. That is it!

    There are no amounts listed because it depends on the size of the turkey and who is around sneaking big chunks of raw stuffing despite egg warnings. Our family members have always made a lot of extra stuffing and cooked it in a covered dish in the oven. There is no such thing as too much dressing where they are concerned. It makes lovely sandwiches layered with a wee bit of turkey and cranberry jelly.

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