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  1. Sounds lovely, and just right. I hate to add anything else to your load, but you mentioned a little while ago something lovely in which we could all keep our planners……… and I was just wondering if you were also going to unveil this in time for the Christmas planner to come into daily use?! It's the little things that excite me you see!
    Can't wait for all your festive inspiration for me to create the perfect Christmas in our new home, thank you!

    1. Hello Sweetie, I'm working on it, but I just can't get the design to look anything but hideous at the moment! I've had two samples sent to me and both looked fuzzy and ugly, so I'll keep at it till I've got something we can all treasure if thats ok? Hopefully this side of Christmas… but you know what a fusspot I am!

      1. Oh crikey – I didn't realise you were creating something yourself! I thought it would be a pointer to somewhere lesser known where we could purchase some sort of binder or some such…… Sorry! Of course, I shall wait patiently……..! X

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