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  1. So true!
    This year, as much as last year, is about change and "doing it differently". However, THIS year will be a good change, whereas last year, I nearly lost my mind and heart. (It was my Mom's last Christmas and I was 13 hours away from her AND my only child and I was totally consumed with pain and loneliness and sadness!)
    This year, I journey back to my sister's home where we will each share the celebration with our partners having to work. This is a first for her, I am used to it. I will be there her to hold her, eat too much junk, watch sappy movies while piled up in her big bed, talk about old times, future times, and long for days gone by…..but with each other. We will remember childhood traditions, celebrate our new rituals and find a few new ones along the way. It will be different and strange for a bit but it will be good because it will be OURS. I just hope I am able to make a difference to her and help her ease through the night with her Dear One away for the first time. I just want to nurture away her hurt…..while we both miss our men.
    We will just have to remember to keep Christmas in our heart and everything else will take care of itself.

  2. You have said it well, Alison. This year I have vowed that Christmas is already here, has already been here from the moment I started even thinking of decorating, wrapping, baking, shopping, or planning. I decided if I didn't have any fun DOING all those things, if Christmas was only about being done with them all and then enjoying it…. that I was a goner. I have said aloud many many times, "I love wrapping presents!" haha… I almost forgot if I do or not… I think I do??? But I am enjoying it this year…

  3. This is what I needed to hear. With the countdown continuing, I just want to have fun. I don't want guilt to be my middle name, but just want to enjoy the anticipation, even if I goof it all up!
    And, thanks for slapping me around. If you know what I mean! We all need a good dose of sensibility at times!

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