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  1. I'm a bowl and wooden spoon girl myself, so don't have that problem, but I doubt I would have thought of it. You are very clever! (But I am a blonde, so not too sure if that's a compliment or not!!) LOL

  2. I've never thought of cleaning my Bosch this way, but why not? I do a version of this kind of cleaning in my microwave though. In a little bowl, I add water, a drop of dish soap, and a sprinkle of baking soda. Put it into the micro and heat for one minute. It'll boil over and steam up the micro. Just wipe it up and it's fresh and clean again!

  3. I'm a bowl and spoon girl too Suzie … mainly because my mixer (which was once my ex-H's grandmothers) broke down and I just never bought a new one. But when I get my bubble gum pink smeg, I will simply have to have a pink mixer too. No doubt about it!

  4. Ive been soaking things after cooking for years….my mother taught me that trick when I was a mere girl….lol…..its especially good for frying pans or anything thats yukky. Its a good thing !!! lol

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