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By alison February 2, 2011 9 Comments 2 Min Read

So seen as January came and went in a rather chilly flash, I rather thought it was time to share my plans with you for the rest of the year.
Trash It and Treasure comes to an end for all my darling scrumptious subscribers next week, and will in the next few days be available as a complete download for everybody who missed it first time around. It has I think been a huge success and I’ve been thrilled to recieve a huge amount of feedback from those of you who bit by bit have been working to banish all that was cluttering up your head, heart and bathroom before you embarked on the past six months worth of of learning to love whats worth loving and bin-bagging the rest of your junk! It has been an absolute pleasure to write and has turned out to be worth so much more than just another exercise in clutter busting…
2010 also marked the end of my year long Puttery Treats and again what a bundle of teeny tiny joys that was! Never before have I worked so very hard to offer my subscribers daily doses of inspirational loveliness, nor really thought about the seasonal aspect of the scrumptious little home-making treats we can use to make our lives brighter. Again, once my subscribers downloads are completed, I will be offering the entire years worth of treats in one download and hopefully foregoing domestic drama and technical crisis, that day isn’t too far off!
So what’s next? Already so many of you have emailed me to say how much you are missing my presence in your in-boxes so I guess it’s time to drop a few little hints about what my next scrumptious project is going to be…
So here we have it: it’s going to called “Muse” and I rather hope it’s going to be even more fabulous than everything that has gone before.
You see I want to extend the scope of Brocante as a way of life beyond our apron wearing imaginations into a world where we aren’t just homemakers but pieces of art in our own right. Women with vision gleened from all our yesterdays, for a better life in all our tomorrows.
And that my Darlings is all I’m saying for now. Do keep an eye out for more , because I rather think it’s time we became our own fabulous vintage muses, don’t you?

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  1. Leslie Anne says:

    I loved the Trash It or Treasure It series! I'm not where I want to be in it, but it's helped me understand myself and my problem better. I'm disappointed it's ending so soon – I thought it was to be 28 weeks long? Anyway, it's a very, very helpful instrument in cleaning up my home!

    1. brocantehome says:

      Oooh Leslie Anne I'm worrying that I said 28 weeks now, when I always intended it to be half a year long. Did I divide 52 up and get 28? I'm so sorry. But with next weeks puttery trashy treats and resource list I rather feel I've said all there is to say…
      I'm so glad you have enjoyed it. My intention has always been to help you understand your thought patterns when it comes to physical and emotional trash, so if you are even an inch towards a life worth treasuring again, it's been worth it.x

      1. Leslie Anne says:

        Alison, I'm sorry I'm so …persnickety. Some of the littlest things stick in my mind for no reason at all, while the all-important ones fly out the window! I've had that number stuck in my head – now you made me go back & look – so that I'll know how much longer I can look forward to another one coming! It's no problem, really. I just like a good thing to last forever! And that's a good thing! (to quote Martha!)

  2. Hausfrau says:

    Muse sounds wonderful–can't wait!

  3. Valerie says:

    Ah Alison, you never fail to intrigue me. Muse sounds so inspiring and seems to capture an idea I believe in and yet haven't nearly mastered – the idea that you can create yourself as you'd like to be.

    1. brocantehome says:

      You know I have I always wanted to be an intriguing kind of woman Valerie, Muses really should be don't you think??

  4. Valerie says:

    Ah Alison, you never fail to intrigue me. Muse sounds so inspiring and seems to capture an idea I believe in and yet haven't nearly mastered – the idea that you can create yourself as you'd like to be.

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