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  1. I have chuckled my way through this post as if looking at myself in the mirror and seeing a British fave with lovely dark curls staring back at me.
    You have described by life, habits, weaknesses and personality perfectly.

  2. Ah, simplifying. I should do some of that. I, too, stop at different libraries (there’s one close to our home where we usually go, but we like the one in town for story time) and different grocery stores (there is a store that has everything, but I can often get the same things cheaper if I stop at Aldi and/or Costco–but I still have to go to the other store to pick up the things those two shops don’t carry). I’m not sure if it’s an inability to commit, or if it is, then *why.* I will have to think about that.
    I’ve gotten better at accepting “good enough” so I can quit seeking ‘the perfect whatever’–I have one purse I use all the time, and try not to notice if it doesn’t quite match what I’m wearing, for example. I just need to apply the “good enough” mindset elsewhere in my life, I guess. 🙂

  3. Pen: get thee to Paperchase and buy a Pilot V ball (the ones with rounded ends, not the flat end to the cap.) I refuse to write with anything else.

  4. I have a serious notebook addiction, I buy them all the time and fill them with plans and notes and dreams. I buy mine from Erin Condren so I can change the covers and add dividers to suit how I feel! I have a collection of these and they make me happy 🙂
    I don’t have a problem with commitment as such, but I do get really restless. I’m not sure if that is the same thing or not?

  5. I can relate to at least some of these examples. Office supply stores are dangerous places for me. If you find that perfect pen, do let me know, please.

  6. Boxed set recommendation: Gilmore Girls, if you haven’t already seen it. My daughter and I are binge-watching it snuggled under blankets, eating Easter eggs these school holidays. Bliss.

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