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  1. Its hard to even think you will have as good a life in a new place but it will happen. You will find your piece of heaven, a wonderful postman, the perfect school, and a whole new wonderful life full of adventure… go for it!

  2. We have just downsized to a lovely townhouse and left the big family house behind. The children have grown and flown and while I feared we would be making a big mistake at our age, we have found a much friendlier community here and its much lovelier than I ever imagined it could be. Dont worry…You go girlfriend !

  3. we've just moved into our first house, so i can sympathise on the moving front. It was hectic, but we managed to get the whole lot done in a day (both sets of parents helped)… Do what you feel in your heart is right, because after all, that's all that matters to both you and your little one.

  4. If you move to France take me with you.
    It is a tense time, looking for that perfect spot, but remember there probably is somewhere out there at is even better! And your going to find it.

  5. When we left the house I brought my first baby 'home to' … I bawled like a baby myself and thought I wouldn't be able to survive no longer being in that sweet room with it's oh~so~familiar smell. I wandered through the other rooms in the house and went through the 'remember this' and 'remember that'. It felt like I would never be able to move on even though I was returning to my own home town. However, once I shut that door I was surprised to find how quickly I left it behind. Home really is where your heart is … As long as you have Mark and your littlest man Finley, you will be 'home'. All the very best Ali!

  6. Dearest Alison~
    I really do agree with Mark, although I totally understand your feelings as well. As you know, I'm the momma of is top priority as much as we can help it! But, even when I was just the momma of 2 I would not even consider a home that didn't have a decent garden for the boys to romp in. It was essential. It was their joy and a life saver for me. Fresh air and sunshine in a safe little spot without having to leave home was as important to me as bread and water!! You may have to give some things up, but you will gain things you don't have now.

  7. Moving is hard, but it opens up so many possibilities. I packed up 23 years worth of memories and moved from my home to one 13 hours away when my daughter went off to college…ten hours away the other direction. Hard? Yes. Scary? Yes. Sad? Yes. But I "made a new life" and after a period of gut-wrenching adjustment, I am happy and content once more. Just go with a happy heart and joyful expectations.

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