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  1. I would really love to see the follow up on this post when your son is 15 and 17. While I agree with everything you have said and try to keep a home much like your own, somehow my two boys have developed their own identity and personal style. I can honestly say that if I placed floral pillowcases on their beds there would definitely be a fire in their waste baskets. 🙂 keri

  2. You are absolutely right Keri, lol! I'm making the most of the time in Finn's life when I can get away with it and if by luck his memories are forever filled with an army of Spiderman walking across a lavender scented flowery pillowcase I will be happy…x

  3. I couldn't agree more!
    My children's room are certainly tailored to their own tastes, but only within the style of our entire home.
    They've never known anything else, and refer to most of their friends' rooms as "tacky."

  4. I live and die for this kind of list … it is 100% perfect for my little two year old daughter now and as she grows older. I am working on embroidering pretty pillowcases for her bed with bluebirds and roses … and a secret snuggly message from Mommy sewn on the inside where only she can peek!

  5. Oh, I feel all misty eyed. My 11 year old daughter is only now mooting the idea of re-decorating her bedroom – she has resisted our offers up until now to re-do it, as she still has the deepest love for her SUBTLE vintage Winnie-The-Pooh bedroom that Mummy and Daddy made the first room we decorated when we moved into our home 9 (nearly 10!) years ago! We wanted her to feel 'at home' in this strange new building instantly. I guess it is a testament to my obviously excellent wallpapering skills that it still looks spotless after all this time! And it is in keeping with the rest of our house (hue wise at least – we don't have a habit of decorating using children's literary characters!). I agree with this to a point – it was a flat 'NO' when my daughter suggested gothic BLACK, but now she is an 11 year old individual, and we want to respect her individualiity, we need to incorporate her own tastes and ideas – after all, she is not a 'mini me' – as I have encouraged her not to be!
    I do feel there is a balance to be struck here. I have instilled the importance of 'home' as a whole, and good taste (I hope)!! Of memories and momentoes, of photo's and treasures, of cosiness and magic, of subtle lamp-light and lavender linen scents even, but one man's haven can be another man's prison and I have to smile through gritted teeth when she proudly shows off her bedroom re-shuffle (I would never have put that there….) because a haven is something we carve out for ourselves, the nest we make to feel most comfortable in, to truly feel ourselves. So if she wants to change the colour and style, I'll go with it if it is not completely gross, because I know she will will still want to keep her special wooden trunk that holds her baby treasures, locks of hair, first toys etc, and her treasured photo's of family members loved and lost, the cross stitch I sewed for her while expecting her and with a personal message sewn in, and her huge book collection that we rifle through by lamplight, remembering old favourites or choosing new ones. Because this will, after all, be her first stab at being a home-maker won't it????!!

  6. I have two boys in their original baby nursery, they are now 8 and 4 years old. I have recently taken down their Laura Ashley rabbit curtains (the design that was a bit like little grey rabbit on yellow and white stripes.) I have slowly introduced more blue accesories and bed linen to balance the yellow walls and am going to replace the curtains with some thrifted galleon, compass and treasure map fabric that I MUST finish now! Each boy has a vintage cupboard for clothes and toys (the eldest has one with a lockable mirror- backed & lit cocktail compartment where he keeps his prize lego models!) He also recently invested his own pocket money in a super comfy reclining rocker armchair that we found at a flea market! He loves to curl up in it and relax in his room.
    My 7 yr old daughter has a very pink room, but it is vintage roses and pinstripes accented with more bold painted furniture…but definitely NOT Barbie pink! I have been collecting vintage dolls dressed in national costumes for her. She has them on a shelf that runs above the picture rail all around her room. They have to squeeze up to make room for all my old childhood books too. What I will NOT have is anything with an electronic screen in the rooms…tv watching happens in the sitting room with everyone else. Thats my 2cents worth. Gill.

  7. Crikey – don''t I go on??!
    PS: Hallelulah about not making the beds straight away! It gives me the heeby-jeeby's thinking about pulling the covers back over a warm sweaty bed – yuck! It may look unsightly temporarily, but at least when I slide back into my lovely crisp bed at night I know it has had a thorough airing with windows wide open, rain or shine, and feels somehow fresher. See, it is NOT slovenly!

  8. Hellooooo – I love reading your blog – I am fascinated where you get your illustrations from – I have searched all over the internet but cant ever come up with anything vaguely like them – whats your secret??

  9. I got done reading this and thought "I'm Jealous – I Want This For MY Bedroom!" – and I'm 52….*excellent* post!

  10. First I have to say, yes- wringing his neck is indeed Mark's territory; Decorating Fin's room is NOT. =) I love your ideas here and agree wholeheartedly. So I guess that settles it, you're right and Mark is wrong =) Blessings.. Polly

  11. Hmmm… I have mixed views on this subject! being Mummy to an 18 yr old and an 8 yr old,I have to say there comes a point where you have to let them create a space that speaks to their soul, not ours!A year ago I stood by and watched the lovely toile de jouy wallpaper from Laura Ashley be defaced with posters of the Foo fighters et al…two weeks ago they all were taken down and her majesty is steering towards a more subtle decorating scheme! whilst 8 yr old Bratz fanatic and I have reached a compromise, ointment pink walls, no baby type pics, and posters on the inside of the wardrobe doors only!

  12. Oh- we love to hear input on this topic-and some lovely points indeed! We just did a few posts touching on kid's rooms, and have them on the brain (of course, the muddy footprints, and handprints on the glass remind us daily as well!) Glad Counting Your Blessings sent us over here! Will have to drop back by!
    kari & kijsa

  13. I had a good chuckle at this post. I know exactly what you mean about modern children's rooms, especially boys' rooms, they can be quite hideous. Thanks for all the good advice.

  14. Great advice but SO hard when you have kids or grandkids that INSIST on making themselves & their rooms totally different from YOU (especially the teens!):)

  15. I think the best you can do is try to instill some appreciation of your taste in decorating, but surrender graciously when they want to express their own likes on the subject.
    And if you don't like it, well…thats what doors were invented for. Closing! 😉

  16. Ah, well I can pull this off with my adorable, still moldable 7 year old but my almost 16 year old would rebel in a big way. All I can say is that I refuse to do characters of any kind and thank goodness my teenagers bedroom is clean.
    I would like to see your home when darling finlay is about 15 or so!

  17. OH! I so agree! My two daughters share a bedroom and were talking about Disney princesses, etc. and I just wouldn't have it! We talked about what else they like and fairies is one thing they could both agree on. So I started with "my" colors/look and bought two lovely ivory faux-down comforters and splurged on the Rachel Ashwell valance and pillow shams. Then I found a really wonderful vintage fairy embroidery pattern and have made several really lovely (if I do say so myself!) pieces that coordinate with the color scheme of the room (and the rest of my house) but are very magical at the same time and seem to please the girls! Just some ideas! You are so fun to read, by the way. Love your blog!
    Warm Regards,
    Cheryl Dack
    p.s. here's a link to photos of the things I made for their room so you can see what I mean! Girlies are happy AND Mama is happy! 😉

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