Essential Oils…Creating a Way of Life

By Alison January 28, 2016 No Comments 3 Min Read

Essential Oils at BrocanteHome

I was complaining yesterday. I was moping about my Dad’s house feeling swollen and bloated and generally inflamed, and Dad took one look at me and said maybe you need to stop taking all this nonsense? And I laughed because ironically, the very reason I was feeling so darn awful was because I had NOT been taking my so-called nonsense for a few days and the proof m’dears that I NEED my nonsense was in the puffy pudding.
Sometimes I fall off my own bandwagon. This week in the maelstrom of PMT, school dilemmas, moving house palava and general headless chicken-ness, I let my extreme self-care ritual fall by the wayside and as Ste is currently having to stay at his Mums, I didn’t even have him to giddy me up and we all know what I do to myself when I am left to my own devices now don’t we?
I eat pot noodles and spend too much time hoovering in order to avoid the more necessary stuff of life!
So yes. I forgot to take my thyroid meds. I eschewed my magnesium and Vitamin D duo in favour of a glass of red (damn dry January to hell and back!), and I forgot do do anything at all with my beloved essential oils because I was too busy typing and washing clothes and generally wishing the next few months away. Which is quite frankly the worst excuse in the world.
Why am I owning up here? This darlings has long been my confession box and I would hate you to think that I am the epitome of Brocante perfection. I’m really not. I am prone to whimmery and chaos. And sometimes I just plain old prefer the bad stuff in life to the virtuous.
But here’s the thing: in meditation we are taught not to beat ourselves up when we lose focus, but to gently bring our attention back to our word and simply pick up the repetition of of our mantra again without self-admonishment. And in life that is exactly what I do: I lose focus and then when I notice I have lost focus I simply pick up the reins of my desired routines and rituals and get back on my horse.
For just as in meditation I want to transcend, in day to day life I want to live in a way that nurtures my well-being and as I get older I seem to have more and more clarity on what it is I need to do that. The dream sleep duo is one part of that and my essential oils an even bigger part of it. For it is with essential oils that I am replacing almost everything else that I have previously used to stay healthy, feel good and keep house.
And so over in my Brocante Oils Community today I have created a FREE download with 150 uses for the ten most essential, essential oils to have in your kit if you too are truly looking to banish the toxins chemicals you are co-existing with, and replace them with products so pure you can ingest them.
While I may have days when all my goodwill goes out of the window with the blue-bottles that seem to congregate on my Dad’s porch, for the most part I am so thoroughly enjoying introducing new oils and scrumptiously new oily rituals in to my routines that only the relentless menace that is PMT can have me temporarily falling off the bandwagon and I’m pretty sure there is an oil for that too…
Click here to sign up (it’s free) and grab your FREE download today…
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