On Creating A Lifestyle Shopping List

By Alison June 27, 2016 1 Comment 3 Min Read

When we have worked hard to create a lifestyle that reflects both our intentions and our ambitions it is essential that the housekeeping we undertake supports it by automating the provision of all that we need to make it happen.
We can’t for example, whip up a constant supply of lavender sleep balm if there is never any lavender oil in the house. We will not be able to relax in a softly lit living room if the pearly 40 watt light bulb blows and the only thing we have ever got in-stock to replace it is a clear 100 watt shocker. We can’t start our mornings with lemon water if we forget to add lemons to our shopping lists and we will never be able to talk ourselves into an every-evening bath if we do not make the collection of a pampering set of bath oils and salts a priority.
The problem is that these are not the kind of things we remember to add to our shopping lists on a weekly basis are they? If we are lucky we might just remember to chuck that little bottle of essential oil into our basket when we nip into the health food shop for vitamins but otherwise lifestyle happens in fits and starts and we find ourselves making do and frittering away money on items that DO NOT support our bliss instead…
So we tell ourselves that we prefer the shock tactic that is instant coffee instead of the lemon water that makes us feel good. We say home-made cleaners were just one of our passing fads. That we haven’t got time for a bath. That the scrapbook system we were truly adoring was too much effort and that dim lighting is bad for our eyes don’t you know? We make excuses because we are not organised and as such we find ourselves muddling through instead of working through each and every one of days with mindful attention.
What opportunities we waste Housekeepers! Just because we aren’t organized! So maybe it’s time to get busy?
You see I have had an epiphany. What we need is a shopping list that incorporates all the routines, rituals and teeny celebrations that happen in each and every room in our house. So that we will never again be able to make excuses of the “haven’t got it in so I will bake a chocolate cake instead kind. The self-sabotaging decisions that get in the way of letting us be who we want to be.
And so my today my darlings, I have got a little task for you. I want you to create a Lifestyle Shopping List, so that you can take one more step towards living the life of your dreams. Think of it as lifestyle automation!
This is going to be a two stage process, because if we try to rush the creation of a list we will forget needful things. So for this week I want you to wander around with your Housekeepers note pad and make a provisional list of all the little things you need to make life feel lovely: from the wattage of the bulbs in very room to the type of secret chocolates you prefer to keep in your comfort drawer. Where are the candles you light daily? Which scent is your absolute favorite? What soap do you want to always have available? Is there a shop bought organic air freshener that makes your heart sing? A biscuit that has you doing an elevenses happy dance? Write it down!
Write down the Bach remedy that helps you sleep. The aromatherapy oil you use to massage your feet at bedtime. Write down where all the vases are in the house and the minimum of teeny little bouquets you would like each to hold at all times and the names of the magazines you anticipate each and every month.
Don’t rush this list. Let it happen organically. Just go about your usual business and as you remember or use something that contributes a little puttery joy to your day, write it down!
Very soon we will be one step closer to living in a way that reflects our authentic selves on a daily basis...//

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  1. alexmax2015 says:

    Fantastic idea Alison, this is a definite keeper! Thank you

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