Cristiano Ronaldo in "Housekeeping"

By Alison September 16, 2010 5 Comments 0 Min Read

Come now. You didn’t seriously expect me to resist a video called “Housekeeping” now did you?
Though the ties that bind this to the remit of BrocanteHome are so tenuous as to be barely there, the truth is occasionally the sight of a bare chested fine figure of a footballer is all the creature comfort this Vintage Housekeeper needs.
So shoot me…


  1. phyllis says:

    Where are the vintage lace trimmed polka dotted hand held fans around here?????

    1. brocantehome says:

      I know Phyllis. It was a momentary blip in my polka dotty conscience. Forgive me??

  2. Nicki says:

    it made me giggle, even if Ronaldo isn't my idea of a yummy man. Jon Hamm, on the other hand… *swoon*

  3. Thank you. That is all. 🙂

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