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  1. O Poor you! I do detect a determination to stay in good spirits in spite of an attack of the viral miseries. My mother's remedy involves sage tea – great for the sore throat but I always have to add honey to be able to swallow it. I love the idea of blankets on the radiators, that is genuis. Soldier on there, we are all willing you better.

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon but in the meantime gargling with warm salt water several times a day will take care of the sore throat and don't forget some homemade chicken soup.

  3. I am the same Alison! I cant sleep for this annoying cough either,my neighbour told me this morning to cut an onion in half and keep it in the sitting room on a saucer ??? supposedly it absorbs the germs,may be an old wives tale that one.xx

  4. Poor, dear Alison! Please check your email inbox. And feel all better soon! Is it any consolation to know that everyone in the entire state of California has it, too!? So far I've missed it, how, I do not know, but I appreciate it!! Here, it is sooo cold and blustery today. To remedy that and surf in comfort . . . I've set up a desk beside the fire, and determined that I will find out what you have been up to lately! I'm so sorry to find you ill! I'm hoping all of those lovely remedies produce wondrous results!

  5. Poor you! So sorry you are feeling under the weather!
    But, I've got to say (sorry!!!) that your cures sound so very delightful that I might fake being sick today.

  6. Dear Alison,
    I swear, you are the only person in the world who can make us want to catch a cold. Thinking of snuggly blankets and menthol feet and hot tea! Hoping you feel better soon.

  7. oh, no! I do hope you are feeling better!
    I just watched Doris Day in the Pajama Game the other night, I adore old movies. They make me happy!
    Drink lots of tea and try a small dap of olive oil on the red spot on your forehead, see if that helps. yes, olive oil. It's the wonder oil for your face. I use it to remove my make up…. I have no wrinkles around my eyes (which most of my friends have) and my lashes are always healthy, pretty and soft. It is the wonder oil!

  8. My favorite cold sore remedy is melissa/lemon balm glycerite. It really works and is really delicious. Put it right on the hot spot and take some internally.

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