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  1. DID YOU SAY SNUGGLY FEET??? DEAR GIRL! I LIVE FOR SNUGGGLY FEEEET all year round! Now I will tell you for the ultimate snuggle you MUST own a pair of ACORNS! Nothing compares honestly I have gone through a couple pairs but they last forever and though they do have a padded and I mean padded lether sole you can toss these right into the washer:) here's a link* I swear by them!

  2. Alison, I just love those pink slipper thingies. Can you get them online ? being winter, they would be just perfect for me down here.
    I usually wear handknitted slipper socks which my mum makes for me…anyone want the pattern ?

  3. Ohh! Could I go for a pair of those sweet tootsie covers right now! I have a sore spot on my foot (have no idea how it got there), and like a dunce I wore NEW SHOES today! duh????? Those pink slippers look pretty tasty right now!

  4. Hi, Sweetie,
    Soooo sorry to hear about the toe. It is NO fun to see something headed at your foot and your little toes are screaming "Red alert! Red alert!" but you don't get them moved in time… Then they are so mad at you! hee hee..
    Love, Gayla

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