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  1. Twas just how I was feeling! Except that we had fruit n nut laden choc brownies instd of banana bread and my to do list stops at Friday. You have hit the NAIL on the head! No pun(well maybe alittle) intended re your last post-for which I must thank you: my first spontaneous belly laugh of 2008!

  2. A dear friend sent me you blog a few months ago..telling me I would enjoy it..
    I do! I truly do!
    My children are older and married and now I am a nana..I adore being a nana..and love the way my daughter w/ her 2 boys is such a good mommy.
    You are too..An excellent mommy.
    And you write beautifully.

  3. hi,I never leave a comment on any blogs, but feel I MUST on yours. You never, ever, disapoint and always leave me wanting more, you do write beautifully,thank you for sharing your life with us all,you make a difference and that is a good thing.

  4. You are a lovely, warm, articulate Mum who obviously loves her boy very much. I too was a single Mum once, and it was hard/lonely/bloodyawful etc. But it was also a wonderful time of self-discovery…I used to laugh when people said they wanted to ‘find themselves’, but I took that time to look for ME and, hey…I found her and lots of other nice things in the process! So enjoy being a Mummy and enjoy those books and don’t beat yourself up-you’re doing a grand job!
    A HUGE hug for you!!

  5. All so true! I’ve even admitted recently that now I know why mom’s are ready for their older teens to head off to college. But, truthfully, I’m really not ready and it’s only because I still have 3 little ones at home that I can bear the thought. We all want a little bit of our youth and freedom back but when we were young we thought only adults had freedom. Ah the irony. Blessings… Polly

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