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  1. So sorry and how frustrating!
    That is precisely why we have a computer in my office, one or two in the BF's office, a laptop on a docking station in my college kiddo's rarely used bedroom, and at least one in the guest room. We have TOO many stored in the garage.
    Oh, did I mention that my BF is a computer geek and builds these creatures like some of us bake cookies?!
    Of course, only the one in my office has all my treasured goodies stored on the hard drive so I would be lost if it crashed. Hope yours is mended and back home soon since WE NEED our daily dose of Alison!

  2. Frankly, Scarlett…… we do give a #$%%&*(*&!!!!!! And we hope your computer troubles are short lived. Remember never stress. We'll be here, and it's worth the wait… G.

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