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  1. A timely post for me. Am trying to reach a point of bliss (like usual) and restarting everyday is a lot less pressure than starting and not continuing. It really is all about perception.

  2. I love the thought of starting over every day, but alas, I usually have to finish up what I started yesterday! I do wish I could manage my time a bit better. I make plans and lists and thoughts whirl about in my head, but then get sleepy or side tracked or just plain lazy. But, I shall try the starting over each day. Hope it works! Thank you for your wonderful blog!

  3. Me too! Time management is a problem for me as well. Also, my goal for October is to sit down and finish a project. I usually have multiple going on at once, then feel all harried.

  4. I bought a planner, so I could manage my time better. This week it said, “See last week”. Guess what last week said?
    Next week, I’ll put honest to goodness things to do on the list instead of looking back at what I should have, but did not do.

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