Day One of Our Grandiose Plans

By Alison September 30, 2013 4 Comments 2 Min Read

The thing about each new day is that every single one of these twenty-four hour gifts offer us opportunity to start again. Heckity pie, yes! We can start again. We can re-start the diet, the book, the seasonal scrub! We can look at our relationships, our homes, and our businesses and whisper to ourselves, from this day forward… We can re-commit to what has been forgotten, ignored, or (probably only in our own minds) utterly ruined.

For our grandiose plans exist, for the most part, only in our minds and as we are truly, madly deeply in control of our minds we can wipe the slate clean whenever we choose and start again. Wow. Who knew??
There is very little in this world it is too late to save if they are really meant to be a part of our lives. But before I go on lecturing you, let’s just read that sentence again: if they are really meant to be part of our lives. Because ain’t that just the thing? Somethings AREN’T meant to be apart of our lives and that is why we cannot commit head-space to them, time to fix them, energy to save them or indeed, in the case of errant exes, heartache pining for them. Darn it life is too short, so GET OVER IT, damn it.

Ooops got carried away on a caveat.

Anyway what I am saying is this: today could be DAY ONE.
I am a woman with a whole lot of plans that have in Alison-speak, gone doozy. Oh yes: plans I have made and researched and worried about. Diets I have shopped for and read up on and scheduled into my diary and totally ignored! A business that regularly swings between being on it’s tired old knees and pirouetting around on it’s tippy-toes in sheer joy. And a house that I have lived in for fifteen years and continue to try to re-invent daily. Yep: I am awash with plans that regularly go belly up: and like a determined drunk, I get knocked down but I just keep on getting up again because I gotta

I gotta create a house that works for all of us.
I gotta make Brocantehome more successful by being more consistent and putting in place systems that help me be more consistent.
I gotta lose these saddlebag thighs.

You too have got your own list of gotta’s haven’t you? Gotta’s that need de-doozifying? Am I right or am I wrong? I’m right? Then today is the day we start again. The day we forge cheerfully ahead with our plans despite everything that has gone before. Despite all the mess and the failure and the disappointments and the couldn’t-be-bothered’s and the urge to run away.  Despite those darn naysayers too! Yes despite all that: today is the day we de-doozify, call a truce with our selves and our families and the cupboard under the stairs and our customers and the world and it’s dog and start again.
Today then is the first day of the rest of our lives: we gotta get busy Housekeepers!


  1. Heather says:

    A timely post for me. Am trying to reach a point of bliss (like usual) and restarting everyday is a lot less pressure than starting and not continuing. It really is all about perception.

  2. Linda DeFazio says:

    I love the thought of starting over every day, but alas, I usually have to finish up what I started yesterday! I do wish I could manage my time a bit better. I make plans and lists and thoughts whirl about in my head, but then get sleepy or side tracked or just plain lazy. But, I shall try the starting over each day. Hope it works! Thank you for your wonderful blog!

  3. Marianne C. says:

    Me too! Time management is a problem for me as well. Also, my goal for October is to sit down and finish a project. I usually have multiple going on at once, then feel all harried.

  4. Annmarie says:

    I bought a planner, so I could manage my time better. This week it said, “See last week”. Guess what last week said?
    Next week, I’ll put honest to goodness things to do on the list instead of looking back at what I should have, but did not do.

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