Decant. Decant. Decant.

By Alison May 16, 2005 2 Comments 1 Min Read



Or this?


Always remember, your house doesn’t have to advertise other peoples products. Me, I’m nuts about decanting: from dishwasher tablets to fairy liquid, soap powder to bubblebath- if I can put it in a pretty container, I do: that way I can have everything out where I need it and never run short of the things I use everyday…

I’ve even started collected old crystal spirits decanters, specially for cordial and bath oils: pennies to buy at boot sales but worth a fortune in eye candy…

Decant it!


  1. suzie says:

    oooh, what a gorgeous idea – I'm inspired!! More lovelies to keep an eye out for 🙂

  2. malin says:

    I do the same thing! I just bought some very lovely glass jars, which makes the sugar and cocoa look much better in my cupboard, and I thrifted a wonderful vintage coffee tin for my washing-up powder. It makes all the difference in the world!

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