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  1. Oh Alison, you have summed up how I feel perfectly. I’m going to try to have a calm attitude to Christmas this year and try for a more hygge approach.

  2. Perfect post, Alison! The season should be just as you described, with just enough..lovingly shared with our loved ones…thank you.
    oh,can’t wait for more seasonal ideas in this vein!

  3. A few years ago we decided as a family to stop the overdone holidays and it has been wonderful. We take our children and grandchildren on a ski weekend in January or February (we pay)instead. We eat Christmas dinner at a Thai restaurant and visit on Christmas Day. These have become new traditions for our family. We love to bake,eat special treats, watch movies and hang out together. I tell you the first year was a little strange but we are happier now. Our gift giving goes on all year and we make birthdays special. Now if I see something through the year I know someone would like I just give it to them then. Yes, I love random gift giving! 🙂
    I feel such freedom now; this just works for our family.

    1. I LOVE this idea of a ski weekend ! I have 5 kids ages 5 – 25 and Christmas has become overwhelming to me. I’m going to have to look into this idea! Thank you!

  4. Festive Hygge! Boom! My favourite word!!! Julhygge! Christmas Hygge!!!! Alison you are my friend and you have well joined the dark side of the force that is Hygge!
    I hate the commercialisation of Christmas; I cannot in conscience spend THAT much on a present that isn’t a guaranteed success. This year I have struggled to think what I want to get for Christmas, because we as a family have everything we need. So, I took a step away and went for the intangibles. The small things.
    We will have our Christmas with pepparkakor nibbled slowly in between sips of mulled apple juice; we will have our scented cards (thank you, dear heart, for that tip; writing my cards this year has been a cinnamon dream!) and we will have peace in our houses, and it won’t have cost the earth. Just a little time and an acceptance to miss out on some of the excess that we always think we need. One box of chocs, not two (but they will be the ones we like best) and an extra candle in the window to light the way home for all those we have lost. Miss that event in the supermarket for a short session carol singing to the oldies who will smile and say ooh, lovely, before we come home to Elf and hot chocolate. I’m there with you, Alison. Christmas? I say BRING IT ON, hygge and all!

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