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  1. when my son was little and had a cold, I would make a teeny little bag and put a block of camphor in it and pin it to his singlet.
    'they' in their wisdom, decided to take camphor blocks of the market as camphor was poisonous..(can't see why as it was used for many years)…so when my daughters were born I had to find something else…so I would put a few drops of peppermint oil on a hankie and pin it to their singlet…the body heat would diffuse? the oil and help clear the sinuses. *hope you can understand what I just typed 🙂

  2. I know exactly what you mean about that cozy, rainy day feeling. I love it when it rains! I am thouroughly exhausted of Summer heat and I can't wait for a few cold and rainy days! Snuggling up in sweaters and socks!
    And don't get me started on snow! I might have a joy attack!

  3. Oh poor Alison and Finley! Hope that your colds are better soon. How much more sensible to snuggle down to ride them out rather than fight them. (You know I feel that way about the dark too- I Cant hear certain pitchs too!). I cant wait to try out this spice bread recipe tonight!

  4. Only Brocante Home could make even a late summer bout with a cold sound positively irresistible!!! i love the scent of camphor, or eucalyptus, and oh, my goodness… please bury me with an open jar of Vicks Vaporub. I even put it on my feet… (it really softens them as nothing else can!) The bread sounds yummy, and how my heart aches for the days when my little boy was all comfy in his jammies at night with me instead of bashing his brains out at a metalworking factory…. Thanks for the pretty picture, Alison.

  5. I want to bake the Spice Bread but it doesnt state how many eggs…??? Also is there no butter in the recipe either ? Thanks

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