Un-Happening the Happened

By Alison May 14, 2014 No Comments 2 Min Read

Though the majority of mini disasters in my life are of my own making, occasionally things happen I could neither predict, nor unhappen. And so it was yesterday, when I sent out a Vintage Halloween post six months before it was due and confused so many of you, that one kind lady wrote to me to ask if I was quite alright (in the head)
Obviously I am not right in the head, but that does not explain October in May now does it? Truth is I pressed the wrong button. And it happened and I couldn’t un-happen it and so I went to make myself a cup of chai to sit down and think about all those times in life when things happen that we can’t un-happen and how we learn to live with our own ludicrousy.
Because we have to learn to live with the consequences of our own silliness and and when we recognise that silliness we have to do what we can to limit the damage, apologise for the kerfuffle, and extricate ourselves from the mess as politely as possible. This then is how one meaningless date leads to marriage to a mad man.  It happened and we can’t un-happen it, but we can get a divorce! It is how one throwaway remark can damage a friendship: words spoken that cannot be un-spoken, but can and must be profusely apologised for. It is how we smashed our Grandfathers shaving mug. It simply slipped out of our hands and that my friend was that. It happened and we cannot un-happen it, but we can glue it back together and start the search for it’s vintage doppelganger.
Life you see is packed to capacity with happenings, most of which we can neither predict, nor undo. But we can do our best to practise disaster recovery. We cannot lick up spilled milk and so we have to mop it away and save our tears for something more worthy. Action is the name of the game I think: as soon as we realise we are tangled in a bad relationship, have caused offence or muddlement or have broken something we cannot fix. Action. Immediate action. No hanging about waiting for the milk to sour, but immediate, get me out of here, kinda action!
So ummm, yeah. This is my rather long-winded way of saying I apologise for making you think you had taken a spin in a time-machine and woken up in October. Sometimes you just press the wrong button. It happened and I couldn’t un-happen it and I am silly and sorry and ready for another cup of tea.
Have a lovely day won’t you?

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