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  1. These are neat. I also hate company information on my goods and will go through much effort to remove any sign of company packaging info on my products, even if it means re-cantering. These decals are vinyl so, it seems it would be easy to cut off the "fairy" logo. I like the stacked dishes decal- do you think it would distract from the pile in the sink?!

  2. O.M.G. Ive just found you …and I can't stop laughing, and adoring and discovering. A cool chick with a S.O.H (just check out the "lonley heart" lingo) and in the U.K too. Iv'e died gone to heaven and there is a God after all!!
    I'll be back. (I couldn't stay away!) xxx

  3. I like these! We're redoing our kitchen and hopefully a new dishwasher is in the pipeline so I might go and have a look at the link 🙂

  4. I agree with Raina, it must not be too hard to cut off the logo and I really like the blue one. That would look lovely in my kitchen, but alass……. I don't have a dish wasser

  5. Alison, I agree but think there is a work-around. I stencilled the fronts of my washer and dryer in my old house in Virginia–and I know you know how to stencil. Now that you've brought this up, I may do this again on my current washer/dryer.

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