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  1. I’d have to say I pretty much agree with everything in this post. Frankly my dear, when it comes to bloggers back accounts, I don’t give a dern. That’s not what I read them for.
    However… I do think there is a place where some of these issues come up… Because some genres of blogs are now built all around telling other people how to “quit their day job” and “free themselves from tyranny” by building multiple streams of income from their blogs. “Buy my ebook and you will be rich and happy forever. Build your blog (ebook, community, etc) and the money will come. ” There is a lot of hype around it. It’s easy to buy in – I know. Sometimes these emotional messages and “kiss your day job goodbye” fantasies sweep me away. Because these peeps are advising others and implying that it is possible to make a living solely off their blog, I think that’s where the questions come in. If the person telling everyone else to go do it, and selling them a product to tell them how, is making a paltry sum themselves they are making money by telling people to do something they themselves haven’t succeeded at. I’m hardly leading the lynch mob on this and really don’t want anyone to post what they make. I just feel that there is a bit of an internet and social media gold rush going on and we all need to be careful not to let it sweep us away – realizing that some of the people making the money are making it by selling others on the dream.

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