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  1. I have always enjoyed the beauty and hominess of doilies. My grandmother and aunt most always had an intricate doily in progress on thier coffetable. Hey, that was the life, no man in the house,(the former being my impression as a growing girl,just visiting Grandma) good novels and needlework always on the coffetable ,not forgetting thier endless cups of coffe and filled candy dishs, with homemade bread and pies all over the kitchen. You sparked some memories here!

  2. I have been on a serious doily crocheting kick recently. I think I've made 5 in the last month along, 10 or more in the last year…mostly from vintage crochet patterns. They are taking over the house. Which is not a bad thing. I've even made a swan doily (very 3 D…)

  3. I love doilies.
    I have them everywhere.
    One of my favorite doily doings is to lift them up and see the snow-flake like dust left underneath.
    Occasionally, my slovenly housekeeping provides me with a wee bit of beauty.

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