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  1. I feel exactly the same today! mountains of work to catch up on,letters to post,ironing pile falling over and yet here i sit laptop on knee watching loose women whilst eating a frozen weightwatchers meal! maybe its the weather or the fact I spotted four more grey hairs this morning,I too like the idea of that hospital! a sort of priory for bewildered housewives!xx

  2. You've summed it up nicely. I don't seem able to have a "duvet" day. I feel like it's time wasted if I don't spend my day(s) off work, rushing around being the Good Housekeeper/Organizer/Social Secretary. Gah! How does one disable the social conditioning that says your a lazy tart if you need to shut the World off once in a while.

  3. A couple of days ago, I woke feeling kind of not exactly ill, but not the opposite either, and soo tired. . . and so quiet, that my husband was prompted to ask what was the matter? {more than once}
    After staring into the ceiling for an hour or so, I found the comfy-est garden chair thay we have, an afghan, my camera, a butterfly book, hot tea and Freckles. {Do you remember Freckles, Alison? Have you read it?} Settled myself where I could scentof the blooming freesias drifted . . . { . . . Earthly delights} . . . positioned where I faced the masses of miniature yellow rose blossoms covering an arbor, and set about the task of taking a day off. My husband {who wasn't taking his day off, off} . . . was tiling the upstairs bath . . . called out the window to me that he might need me to run to the hardware store.
    My reply was a rather pitiful "Right now?" and told him he should look out the window. He spotted me all snuggled in, laughed and said he wouldn't think of interrupting my rest. Sometimes, Momma just needs a day off, without guilt. It's okay. I give you permission. 🙂

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