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  1. "If it is an obstacle it is also an opportunity."That is brilliant…absolutely brilliant…if I can just remember to tell myself that:)

  2. I had this exact conversation with myself yesterday. It is so hard to get on to the next thing sometimes. I think I'll keep that last phrase for the next time I'm having trouble getting going again!

  3. Boy, did I need to hear this one. Right at this moment, too. Just minutes ago I was boo-hooing, and now I feel better. Thanks for posting something so straightforward and simple.

  4. Well now that was just the tonic I needed! My 3rd grade teacher had a sign in the classroom that said, "When in doubt, Don't." It's served me well many times over the years. I have a feeling that "Do the next thing" is going to be another phrase that I'll remember forever and one that I'll try to apply often.Now I'm off to get dinner started because, darn it, it's the next thing. Blessings… Polly

  5. My "next thing"…..looking forward to our next blog installment! I just signed up for your newsletter after reading some of your posts. You are an inspiration to someone who loves vintage but very very unorganised! Thankyou!Best regardsDeborah

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