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  1. I could not agree more with your feelings about your house. We have lived here for 37 years. When we bought the house (a small semi-detached) it was a wreck and stayed that way for some time as with a toddler, a baby and no money things were beyond tight. Well, babies are all grown up and flown the nest now (although the eldest did take his time as he didn’t move out until he had found “Miss Right” and by that time he was 34!) and I have grown to love our houses more and more each day. Being retired and able to spend time here is wonderful.

  2. This is so very true…after only 17 years in our home moving from it has caused such pain I was not expecting. I would trade back to my home in an instant from this temporary Too bad its 350 miles away.

  3. Well! I thought perhaps the ex had finally worn you down and you were going to start fresh elsewhere. I’m glad you aren’t moving. I have this little album in my mind that shows me each room in your cottage. I can’t voucher for the accuracy, but it doesn’t matter. It’s Brocante and starts way back when I first started following you. I can’t imagine trying to modernise the album now.
    Ali x

  4. So true!
    I almost divorced my house this week. My house, in which I have lived for almost 30 years, in which 5 generations of my family have lived (and, like yours, left trace of their presence…such as the marks where my grandpa as a boy tried to burn the place down.)
    My poor house, it has rot. And the workmen have come to scrape out the rot, and replace the gutters that cause the rot. And caulk, and rebuild, and repaint. At the moment I really want to move to a ten-year-old rotless house somewhere in Arizona where all you have to worry about are wildfires and drought.

  5. Alison, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I have often dreamt of a sterile, all-white condo 30 floors up without children, grandchildren, dogs and/or husbands.. It would stay clean but think of what I would miss! So I will take my dusty little cabin and I shall Brocante my way through it. You inspire all of us so!

  6. I too know what you mean. There are times when an old house can wear you down, as mine has recently. Our 150 year old house had a 50 year old dug well that went dry in February, right in the the middle of a frigid Canadian winter 🙁 . New well, new furnace, new paint job … this old house has been wearing on the spirit and the wallet this year. But she has such a soul …

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