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  1. I have the domestic sensualist illness, it is why my home is vintage one year retro the next and country inspired or Manhattan loft appartment in between ! I look I see I want. Help me !

    1. I consider myself terminally contented… as though I have learned to this live with this all-encompassing appetite for all things lovely…

  2. Oh I LIKE the terminology! I love to make my house all cozy and inviting, no one notices but me but I count, don't I? I change out the kitchen curtains to suit the season/holiday. I change my doo-daddies and wall hangings as well. My Mother used to move furniture about once a month and now I understand why! I hope I'm never cured from such a delightful malady! Amanda

    1. Moving the furniture! Ay! I haven't thought of doing that since I was a girl at home. What a GREAT idea! Now…to scout around… some rooms have more options than others…
      My recent post No more excuses!

  3. So glad to stumble upon your blog through Pinterest! I have a love for all things vintage, but especially appreciate children's books and illustrations. Oh Joy!!

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