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  1. Oh Alison, you made me laugh today and I needed it so! Domestic sluttery…I using that one on my husband and kids today. Wonder if they will get it? I know my grown daughters will. Sally
    p.s. I'm blowing dustballs out from under my keyboard right now. That's housework…right??

  2. Thanks for the smile this morning! The days I try to do everything right, things seem to fall apart as well. Today I am going to attempt to unearth my poor piano and its bench, which is so covered in dust and books and breakables (put up high so the littles don't knock them over) that I haven't been able to play it in weeks and weeks. However, I have extra motivation today – a piano lamp – a Christmas gift from my family that needs to find a home. There are probably more pressing things to do around here today but I am having a bit of a housework rebellion and am tackling the things that don't really need to be done instead. 😛

  3. Your post made me feel rather sad, and yet, not alone in the world. I often feel the way you described. Have you checked to see if you might be allergic to wheat or dairy. They can have that reaction on your skin. When I am down (which I have been this winter) I enjoy chocolate and homemade cookies and cakes too much and I start getting ugly. Not to mention chubby.
    I am planning on eating more avocados, salads, fish and take omegas. Also, I did a low acid diet last year and it did me wonders. You might Google that and see what it entails. It'll make you feel much happier and your skin will love you.
    Feel better!

  4. Good on YOU! That is what makes you fabulous and endearing to read about and speak to! No-one, I repeat NO-ONE likes a 'ooh look at me aren't I always effortlessly perfect' housewife. You create this little haven of genuine beauty. And you live a real life Alison…like the rest of us which is what makes you stand out as special. Don't go a-changing one boil…not for a second. xx And for what it's worth…it is so liberating to be slummy once in a while. I think…

  5. I love the term domestic sluttery!
    Don't forget that when you give up the so-called "bad things" in your diet, your body does a detox of sorts. Mine ALWAYS does! Give up caffiene and you get headaches. Give up wine, chocolates, desserts, what have you, and pimples abound. It is a good thing! I keep telling myself that, better out than in!

  6. me dear, I do think you are having a spot of id (freud, not bracelet)in response to upcoming changes; have you tried a bit of yoga and/or a pair of black leather leggings? cheers
    you're adorable

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